What is Pest Control and Why Do I Need It?

What is Pest Control and Why Do I Need It?
Pests can reduce your quality of life once they find their way into your home or business premises. Some of them cause diseases or trigger allergies. Other pests damage structural timber, chew clothes, and infest stored foods. Therefore, it is evident that pests are a menace that have to be dealt with imminently. Pest control is the process of managing pest infestation by removing the present pest, preventing new ones from infesting the house, and controlling the damages caused by pests.

Most people often rely on do-it-yourself pest extermination methods. However, in cases where the infestation has spread, you need the services of a professional. Pest extermination companies have the necessary tools and expertise needed to get rid of the pests. If you have a severe pest infestation, you can contact Gem State Pest for commercial and domestic pest solutions within Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Why Should You Consider Pest Control Services?

DIY methods are often cheaper and readily available. But do they offer a long-lasting solution? That would be a no. This is because these methods do not address the gravity of an infestation. Therefore, for an elaborate control and mitigation, you need to consider professional extermination services. Other reasons why you need these services include:

• Pest extermination companies have the knowledge and expertise of figuring out the type of pest and the amount of damage it has already caused.

• Exterminators can provide you with advice on how to control pests.

• Exterminators also provide pest inspection services. Once you call them, they will inspect your residential or commercial building to find any signs of hard-to-trace pests.

• Pest management and control companies can seal off pest routes. Pests use tiny cracks and crevices within the wall or the roof to gain access to your house. Professionals have the knowledge on how to trace and block these entry points.

• They will also identify and eradicate pest habitats to avoid a re-infestation.

Identifying and Eliminating Pests

Pest exterminators can identify the presence of pests such as spiders, rodents, ants, bees, fleas, and termites. These pests are terminated with different baits and chemicals. Therefore, a professional will determine the most appropriate treatment that does not cause a health hazard to the inhabitants of the infested house. They also know the right dosage to use depending on the extent of the infestation.

Today pest exterminators have come up with “green” ways of handling pests. For instance, bees can be relocated to a garden where they’ll help promote pollination.

Identifying the Source

Different mediums attract different pests. Termites for instance usually make their habitats in a pile of wood or critter on the compound. Therefore, the best strategy would be to move the wood far from the house. It is recommended that you elevate firewood on racks to keep termites away.

When you can't identify the source of the pest affecting your comfort, call a professional with tools such as infrared scanners to determine their sources and habitats.

Controlling Further Damage

Imagine a scenario where rats and termites have chewed up the load bearing structures within the foundation of your house. Killing the termites and rats will only solve half of the problem, leaving you vulnerable to a fatal accident. When unchecked rodents, can also damage your floor, furniture, carpets, and clothes. Therefore, you need to get a professional who will not only eradicate the pest but also find out the extent of damage it has caused.

The Aspect of Time

A pest extermination company delivers prompt and efficient services. This is because they have tools that will get the job done quickly. Most of these companies also have sufficient workforce. Therefore, they can carry out different aspects of pest management simultaneously for quicker results.

What are some of the Methods of Controlling Pests?


Fumigation involves sealing a building or a structure with an air tight tent and then fogging liquid insecticide inside the tent. It usually takes two to three days before the house can be inhabited again. Fumigation treatments target pests that live in crevices within the building (e.g., wood-boring beetles). They are effective because they kill pests in all stages of life. However, the procedure is rather expensive.

The alternative to fumigation is misting. It involves the dispersion of a liquid insecticide in a room without having to seal the building. Some chemicals used in misting are mild and can be used without evacuating the house.

Baited Traps

This method involves putting a poisoned bait in a bait station within the house or compound. When a rodent consumes the bait, they will most likely die. This process can be used to complement other rodent control methods.

Poison Spray

Poisoned sprays are widely used for terminating pests that live in clusters. The poison is sprayed directly onto a confined area where the pests reside.

Shrub and Tree Spraying

This method has been around for quite some time. It targets insects that live in shrubs and trees within your compound. The shrub and tree spraying method is used mostly in Idaho Falls and Pocatello to eradicate spiders and insects that cause diseases.

Lawn Grub and Diesel Control

Common pests that are found in lawns include grubs, webworms, and billbugs. They are common during spring. Spraying fungicides in lawns is an efficient way of killing or driving away such pests.

Micro Injection and Soil Drench

These methods are used in eradicating pests in areas where spray applications may not be fully effective. During treatment, the exterminator injects chemicals directly into a tree to get rid of boring insects. Soil drenching involves adding insecticides directly to the base of pest prone trees. The use of targeting tools offers deep penetration to get rid of the pests from the source.

These are the important facts you need to know about pest control. It is also imperative that you maintain high hygiene standards and proper storage to control residential and commercial pests. Once you practice preventive pest management and control, you will not have to spend lots of money on pest extermination services.

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