Pest Control For Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants Will Infest Damp and Dead Wood 

If you have carpenter ants in your Pocatello or Idaho Falls, Idaho home or business, then you need to hire exterminators for effective pest control. To determine if you have carpenter ants in your home, business or nearby wooden structures, look for large insects with huge mandibles. This species of ant prefers damp wood that is dead rather than living trees, and if your home has any moisture damage, then you are likely to have an infestation of carpenter ants. 

Carpenter Ants Create Tunnels In Wooden Structures 

Carpenter ants chew through wood to create tunnels where the insects will live and breed. The tunnels created by carpenter ants will make a building’s wooden frame unsafe. In addition to tunneling through the wooden frame of a building, the ants might chew through wood paneling, flooring or cabinets. If you have a wooden deck or railings outside your home or business, then the carpenter ants can also infest these items. 

Look For Piles of Sawdust Near the Ants’ Tunnels 

Ants will begin by living outside a building in the dead trees on a property or in old wooden fences before entering the interior of the structure. Carpenter ants do not consume wood particles the way that termites do, so the tiny pieces of wood that the insects chew on will remain inside or outside the tunnels. Look for tiny wood particles that look like sawdust to determine if there is an infestation of carpenter ants. 

Call a Knowledgeable Exterminator 

A pest control expert from Gem State Pest Solutions has the diagnostic tools required for a carpenter ant inspection. Not only can a knowledgeable exterminator look for sawdust, but also, he can listen for the sounds of an infestation inside a building’s walls. Termites and carpenter ants can have a similar appearance, so a Gem State Pest Solution’s exterminator will find a specimen to determine if you do have an infestation of carpenter ants. 

Insecticides Are Injected Into the Carpenter Ants’ Tunnels 

First, it is important to repair a building’s water pipes, rooftop or foundation to prevent any moisture that will attract the carpenter ants. Next, you should make sure that the carpenter ants can’t enter your home or business by sealing holes and crevices with caulking. To get rid of the carpenter ants that are already in a building, an exterminator will inject an insecticide into the tunnels where the insects are living and breeding. When carpenter ants walk through the insecticides, the insects pick up the chemical and carry it to other carpenter ants, helping to eliminate the insects. 

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