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In today’s world we seem to be negatively affected by everything. Harmful additives to our food, dangerous contamination in the air, and dozens of potentially dangerous carcinogens in our own homes. These potentially harmful factors make it increasingly important to make sure everything we use is as safe as possible. This is something we take very seriously, and we only use the safest substances for the extermination of pests. Unfortunately, many exterminators have used potentially dangerous pesticides, but we make sure that everything we use is safe for you and your family. Here are some of the products we use to assure a non-human threatening, but effective pest removal.

Pyrethrins- This organic compound is naturally found in the Chrysanthemum flower, and has been used for pest control for thousands of years. Pyrethrins target insects central nervous systems, causing insects to expire due to an overload of nerve firings. The reason this compound is such a great choice for insecticide is that it is very low-toxicity for humans and mammals because our CNS is not as sensitive as an insects. Additionally, this compound is much more environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable. Scientists ability to modify this compound with other substances allows pyrethrins to be a very effective and safe insecticide and repellant.

Microencapsulated pesticide. Microencapsulation consists of having an active ingredient, or payload, inside of an inert coating. The reason for this is that the active ingredient, or the insecticide will be released from the outer exterior much more slowly than typical pesticides. This slower release of the pesticide allows for much safer use because the target area will not be oversaturated with chemicals. Additionally, microencapsulated pesticides are much more effective because they have a much longer lasting effect on pest areas than typical pesticides. These pesticides allow for a much smaller dose of chemicals to be used in order to have a better effect on pests, and this makes for a much safer substance for humans.

Baits in locked bait stations- Bait is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted visitors. Instead of going to find mice and ants, simply combine a drawing agent and then a poison for the intended pest. Unfortunately, these poisonous substances such as bromadiolone are not only harmful to unwanted rodents and insects. Dogs, cats, other pets, and even children are at risk of ingesting these substances and becoming sick or worse. That is why we use locked bait stations that assure only the unwanted pests will have access to the poison. These stations will let you rest easy knowing loved ones are safe, but pests will not be.

Granular pesticides- These products use particles impregnated with insecticide to remove pests from lawns and other surface areas. These particles are spread over the surface of an area and then watered, so they absorb into the ground where the pests are. These products can be much safer than liquids because they are not as easily ingested or absorbed by humans. Also, they are absorbed into the ground more quickly, thus leaving for a safer lawn for your family.

These products are just some of the safer alternatives we use for pest control. Always make sure your exterminator is using the safest and most effective products for your home or business. Also, always make sure you follow all directions when using pest removal products. If you have any questions about our products, contact us today!

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