Is Pest Control Safe For Pets?

Talk To an Exterminator About the Safety Of Extermination Treatments 

If you have pets in your home, then you might have a concern about the safety of pest-control chemicals. When you hire an exterminator, you should discuss the treatments used for a variety of pests. Remember that animals are able to reach areas that you can't enter by climbing up furniture. While cats are known for finding strange areas, some dogs will also become curious about an odor. In addition, animals have a stronger sense of smell, making it easier for your cats and dogs to find poisons. 

Remove Your Animals From the Home During a Termite Tenting Process 

In some situations, you will want to remove your pets from a property for a few days to keep the animals away from any contamination. When a home is being treated for termites, this process requires tenting an entire building for a few days. It is not safe for you or your animals to remain in a house during this extermination. You can bring your cats and dogs to a hotel where you need to stay, or you can arrange to board your animals in a facility. 

Make Sure That a Pet Doesn't Enter a Steel Trap 

Not only should you have a concern about the poisons in bait traps, but also, a cat or dog can enter a steel trap that is designed for capturing wildlife such as skunks or raccoons. If you have contacted an exterminator to remove invasive wildlife, then make sure that a humane trap is placed in a location that a cat or dog can't reach. Some cats and dogs will climb onto fences, roofs or trees, so you may need to keep your animals inside your home to avoid an injury from a steel trap. Keeping animals away from the steel traps and wildlife is also required so that a dog or cat isn't bitten by a mammal that has rabies. 

Keep Dogs and Cats Away From Any Wet Pesticides 

If your home is being sprayed for cockroaches or ants, then it isn’t safe to have a dog or cat inside the building while the chemicals are wet. A curious pet may lick the poisonous spray from surfaces, leading to a serious illness. After the liquid pesticides dry, your pets are less likely to lick the floors, but you can also keep your animals in a kennel as much as possible until you vacuum and mop the floors. 

Open the Windows and Doors To Remove the Pesticide Odor From the Air 

Make sure to wait a few hours after your home is fogged with pesticides before entering it, and when you arrive home, open the windows or doors to remove the chemical odor from the air. You can also use an air purifier to capture the particles of pesticides from the air. Turning on an air conditioner or furnace will also help with the removal of any chemicals in the air of your home.

The best thing to do is to contact your pest control professional with any questions you may have. This will guarantee safety for yourself and your furry friends.

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