Best Ways To Get Rid Of Mice With the Help Of Pest Control

When you see one rodent in your home or business, there are likely more of the animals lurking in the walls of the building. You might think that it is easy to get rid of mice on your own, but you will need an exterminator to capture the vermin humanely. It is important to remember that a mouse can transmit diseases or pathogens, and if you touch the animal or its droppings, then you risk contamination. Here are some ways to get rid of rodents. 

Way 1: Have a Thorough Building Inspection

Before you try to eliminate the mice in a building, contact an extermination company to request a thorough inspection. An exterminator understands what to look for in a building to determine what type of rodent is infesting the structure along with the reasons why the vermin are invading. An inspector may find problem that you haven't noticed such as loose shingles on the rooftop or small holes around utility lines. It is possible for a mouse to enter a tiny crevice in a building, and when one pest is able to enter a structure, the other vermin will follow the urine trails to find the opening. 

Way 2: Removal Of Clutter

You may have problem areas in a building such as bags of trash or piles of clutter where rodents can live and breed. In addition to having too much stuff inside a business or home, it is possible to have junk outside that is attracting pests. If you have old vehicles, lawn care equipment or stacks of lumber on a property's lawns, then rodents will live near these items before entering a building. 

Way 3: Using Natural Pest Repellents 

If you want to avoid having dangerous toxins in your home, then look for natural pest repellents. You can plant herbs or flowers that will repel rodents outside your home. Some of the plants that rodents avoid include: 

• Hyacinth 
• Camphor 
• Lavender
• Daffodil 
• Mint

Alternatively, you can create pest control solutions using essential oils such as peppermint mixed with water. Use a spray bottle to apply this mixture to the baseboards in each room of your home to repel rodents. 

Way 4: Household Products For Pest Control

There are inexpensive household products that are effective for controlling pests. A mouse is repelled by the odor of ammonia, so you can clean your home's walls and floors with this cleanser. Many property owners recommend placing fragrant fabric softener sheets in strategic areas of a building. Rodents don't like the foul odor of mothballs, so you can also place these outside your business or home. However, these items are poisonous, so don't sprinkle the mothballs where pets or children can access the items. 

Way 5: Call an Exterminator

When your amateur pest control methods aren't working to eliminate a mice infestation, it is time to call an exterminator. An exterminator can use humane sticky or steel traps to capture the filthy rodents, leading to a safer and cleaner business or home.

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