Steps to Protect Against Fleas

Summer is quickly approaching. With the weather quickly warming up we are much more likely to come into contact with a very annoying pest: fleas. For pet owners fleas can be a nightmare. Our furry friends can pick them up while out and about, and they are oftentimes very difficult to get rid of. Pets make perfect hosts for these tiny pests, and fleas feed off of blood and reproduce at an astonishing rate. While dealing with fleas can seem like a daunting task, there are some key steps you can take to prevent and eliminate them.
First of all, the best way to deal with fleas is to prevent them altogether. Keeping your yard trimmed, and your house clean will help prevent fleas from getting a foothold in your property. Flea collars and other topical medications are also a good idea to keep your pets from picking up unwanted pests. While leading brand products can help drastically in preventing fleas they can also be filled with chemicals that can be rough for your pets and people around them. Cedar oil, lavender oil and vinegar are all good natural flea repellents when used correctly. Also a pet healthy well taken care of pet is less likely to pick up fleas. If your pet becomes infested with fleas there are several practices that will help get rid of them. First of all, a vacuum is possible the best weapon to use against these pesky insects. If you are seeing adult fleas there are a great majority of unhatched, and larvae in your home waiting to grow into adults. The vacuum is a great tool to pick these eggs and larvae up without giving them the chance to become adults. Also, vacuuming helps pick up debris that the flea cycle flourishes in. Make sure to empty the bad outside immediately to assure trapped fleas don’t escape back into your home. In addition to vacuuming it is a good idea to wash all areas, furniture and bedding your pet spends time in. Shallow bowls filled with water and dish detergent make excellent home made flea traps, and dehumidifiers make your home less hospitable for these insects as well. Make sure to constantly check your pet for fleas, and bathe them regularly.
If you follow all of these steps and your pet still has a flea problem do not feel bad or panic.  Fleas are masters of survival, and they breed very quickly and can live without food for a long time. They are great at finding safe hiding spots and are very fast and good jumpers. They have adapted over time to flourish in what seems like hostile areas, and their lifecycle is optimal for keeping their population going. Although it can seem hopeless with fleas sometimes, we can help. Give us a call and we can help make sure your flea problem is a thing of the past!

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