Pest Control POP QUIZ

1) Which insect has been named “America’s Top Nuisance Pest?”

A) Flea

B) Ant

C) Mosquito

D) Bed Bugs


2) What is one of the most dangerous disease that mice carry?

       A)   Salmonela

       B)   Chicken Pox

       C)   Swine Flu

       D)   None of the Above


3) How many teeth does an average mosquito have?

A) 14

B) 30

C) 47

D) 50


4) A cockroach can go an entire month without eating.

       A)   True

       B)   False

5) 10 percent of the world’s animal biomass is made up of which pest?

A) Roaches

B) Fly’s

C) Termites

D) Crickets

6) How many different types of spiders are there?

       A)   100

       B)   10,000

       C)   25,000

       D)   Over 50,000


7) What kind of pest can carry hanta virus?

A) Bed bugs

B) Termites

C) Mosquitoes

D Bees


8) Spiders don’t have a backbone

       A)   True

       B)   False


1) B
2) A
3) C
4) A
5) C
6) D
7) B
8) A

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