8 Pest Control Tips For Pocatello and Idaho Falls Residents

It is quickly warming up in Idaho, and it is a sure bet that most of us are excited to be spending more time outside enjoying the nice weather. However, humans are not the only ones enjoying the warmth, and this time of year means pests will also be spending more time out and about. With this influx of creepy crawlers on the way, this is a perfect time to brush up on good habits to help protect against pests. Here are 8 excellent tips Pocatello and Idaho Falls residents should practice.
1) Keep potential food sources sealed tight. Many rodents, animals, and insects will be out looking for a meal, and keeping your garbage, leftovers, and pet food secure will help prevent these pests from making your yard home.
2) Keep landscaping trimmed back from your home. Plants and trees can help rodents and other pests have a direct road into your home. Keeping plant life away from your property will help reduce access.
3) Assure there is no standing water sitting in your yard. Mosquitoes use sitting water sources to mate and are attracted to these areas. Clear out these water sources such as inflatable pools, birdbaths, filled buckets and others to keep mosquitoes and other pests at bay.
4) Vacuum and clean floors regularly. Fleas love carpet and the vacuum is an easy tool to disrupt flea and many other pest’s lifecycles.
5) Check your home for potential openings for pests. Make sure your screen doors and windows do not have any holes, and check your foundation for cracks and openings.
6) Keep your kitchen clean to avoid ants. Cleaning dishes, and countertops will help assure ants have little to eat and continue to somewhere else for food.
7) Attics, basements, and crawl spaces should be kept dry and well ventilated to prevent pest accumulation.
8) Do not wait until it is to late to contact a professional. An ounce of prevention is more effective than 10 pounds of cure. It is much easier to deal with pest problems before they become severe, so try to deal with unwanted pests as soon as possible. We will help you avoid an unnecessary headache.

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