6 Tips for Gopher Control

Gophers are interesting creatures.  They are amazing diggers and make very elaborate underground tunnel systems.  Each gopher produces up to 30 mounds a month, and each mound can get up to a gallon worth of volume. Unfortunately, gophers are not careful about what and where they dig. These pesky animals oftentimes fill yards with holes, and completely destroy expensive landscapes. They eat important plants, as well as dig through phone lines, utility lines, and water systems. Gophers also carry diseases such as rabies, and can transport fleas, ticks and other parasites. While gophers are extremely good at hiding out underground, here are 6 tips to help prevent these animals from taking over your yard.
1) Gophers are very sensitive to loud noises. There are devices you can buy that are specifically made to deter gophers, or you can fill your yard with natural noisemakers like wind chimes. Ideally, these loud noises will chase gophers away to quieter areas away from your yard.
2) Gophers do not like the smell of fish. You can leave fish around common problem areas, or even fertilize your plants and garden with fish emulsion. This smell can potentially drive gophers out of the area, and leave your garden pest free.
3) There are many traps on the market that are designed specifically for gophers. Cinch traps are typically some of the most effective, and they are recommended by the Humane Society to be the least inhumane of the fatal traps. While the lethal ones can be quite effective, there are live catch traps that have had success as well.
4) Physical barriers covering plants can also be effective to limit the amount of damage caused by gophers. Wire mesh around plants and under sod lawns can keep pesky gophers from destroying them.
5) Pet waste is also a good gopher repellent. Instead of throwing out used kitty litter or dog poop, put them inside gopher holes.  Gophers despise this waste in their tunnels and will usually seek cleaner areas.
6) This final tip we give tentatively because the other tips are much safer. Many people try to fumigate or destroy underground tunnels by blasting them. We advise to be extremely cautious with these techniques, and research those options thoroughly.  They can be effective if everything else is tried first, but be careful, as it is very easy to destroy your yard and other creatures with these techniques. 
Gophers are incredible at making intricate tunnel systems where it is easy for them to hide. Getting rid of these creatures can be very difficult if not done properly. Oftentimes, it is best to call a professional to come and help before the problem becomes too severe. If you have any questions or comments please give us a call!

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