Mouse Pest Control for Fall and Winter

Pest prevention is a year-round process. This is particularly true of mice. These clever, house-destroying hair balls can live in small places with limited food and water for long periods. And as the temperatures get colder outside, mice will work hard to find a nice, warm place to sleep. They'll also be looking for food to store over the winter. At Gem State Pest Solutions, we're ready to help control mice populations around and in your living space.

Image by George Shuklin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

To help you control mouse populations in and around your home or office, Gem State Pest Solutions uses a variety of tactics, including bait traps, odorless rodent poison (great for Garages!), and mouse-proofing inspections and recommendations to keep the mice out. Here are a few quick tips for getting rid of mice:

  • Keep human food in metal or glass containers
  • Get a sealed trash can
  • Keep countertops, sinks, and floors clean
  • Seal all possible entry points into your home. Cracks, holes and crevices should be sealed with steel or concrete, including open areas around pipes, gas lines, and dryer vents Holes as small as pencil erasers may allow entry and should not be disregarded

If you have mice and need help getting rid of them, call us at (208) 497-1189 or contact us online for a free quote.

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