Target, Flush, and Prevent


At Gem State Pest Solutions, we will remove all spider webs and wasp nests from your home, use specialized equipment, baits, and other effective products to remove pests, and provide you with ongoing pest control consultation. Please let us know how we can help you!

Our Goal

Bugs are stubborn and persistent. They’re constantly looking for new ways into your home. Our goal is to to break the pest development cycle, and that requires regular service. Insect eggs are often resistant to the materials we use to control pests. So a “one-time” service will only control the adult population. Soon after, the eggs will hatch and you’ll be back at square one. A regular service agreement will provide you with year-round protection from unwanted pests.

Included In Your Service

  • We will find and eliminate the pests living inside your home.
  • We will apply a 6-foot barrier around the exterior of your home to keep pests out.
  • We will granulate flowerbeds and bushes.
  • We will remove all spider webs, egg sacks, and wasp nests from underneath your eaves and overhangs.
  • We will use specialized equipment, baits, and pest control products that are family and pet friendly.
  • We will provide ongoing consultation. If you ever have a question, just ask!
  • We will listen to you!


"These guys did a great job. The gentleman were very knowledgeable and very professional the entire time they helped me with my pest problem. I will definitely pass their name along to anyone in East Idaho looking for Pest Control." - Mark from Idaho Falls

"Darren and crew do a fantastic job. They're prompt, thorough, courteous, and got the job done right! They back up their work, too - if you need a re-treatment in between regular appointments, they're happy to do it. They really take care of their customers, and I would recommend then highly to anyone who needs those pesky bugs dealt with." Doug from Pocatello

"I was very impressed with their services! From the first time that I called to the moment they finished they were very professional and affordable. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and if I have any Pest problems in Pocatello again I will be calling them! Thank you again!!!" - Lauren from Pocatello

"This service is Amazing. Not only did they come stray my house after hours to accommodate me, but he went above and beyond what I asked of him! Very well mannered and clean people, I will definitely be using their services for years to come!" - Ali

Pest Control

The ultimate goal at Gem State Pest Solutions is to ensure that annoying pests do not invade your home. An example of such pests includes fleas, yellow jackets, spiders, crickets, ants, carpet beetles and rodents. Proudly serving Idaho Falls Pocatello, and the surrounding areas, our company strives to remove pests from residences to prevent them from creating unsafe living conditions and costly damages like repairs and loss of products. Most importantly, the clients of Gem State Pet Solutions can rest assured that their pest infestation will not keep them awake at night.

In order to ensure that we break the pest development cycle, our company performs a wide range of regular services. By using safe yet effective products along with sophisticated technology, our professionals will offer you a quick solution to your pest’s problems.

• Granulate flower beds/bushes • Clear any spider webs, wasp nests, and egg sacks that may have a home under your eaves and overhangs • Control pests with a 6-foot exterior barrier • Remove the pests that are currently living inside your home with family-friendly products and tools • Address all of your needs by offering ongoing consultation

The applicators of Gem State Pest Solutions use state-of-the-art products and treatments to keep pests off your property. Some of the products that our professionals may use include

Disease Control Spray

Some residences in Idaho are effected by diseases like dollar spot and ferry ring. Certain products such as fungicide sprays are able to control these types of diseases that are usually seen outdoors.

Lawn Grub Spray

Many lawns are infested with billbugs, grubs, and sod webworms. While the pre-treatment is applied in the spring, the post-treatments are applied in the summers.

Lawn Weed Spray

The most effective method to insects in the lawn is to maintain a healthy yard. By using lawn weed sprays, we will be able to eliminate many lawn weeds including clover and broadleaf weeds.

Termite Treatments

In Idaho, termites are often mistaken for ants. As a result, we perform conventional termite inspections to determine if bait treatments are necessary. Our termite inspections also include pre-slab applications and conventional post-slab applications.

Foundation Spray

Foundation spray is specifically designed to control a wide range of pests like spiders, beetles, ants, and earwigs. This type of spray is typically used between March and October.

Fruit Tree Sprays

Our fruit tree sprays are often used to remove insects that reside on fruit trees. One such insect is the Apple coddling moth. We usually apply this spray 14 days before harvest.

Dormant Oil Spray

Our spray technician typically apply dormant oil to trees and scrubs in March and April. The purpose of this spray is to limit the occurrence of insects and spiders.

Once the pests have been successfully identified and controlled outdoors, our applicators provide proven solutions to your pests concerns indoors too. We use odorless sprays to remove ants, bed bugs, spiders, and more. The spray will not damage carpets or curtains. Additionally, rodents are also treated indoors. We provide baits, traps, and repellents to control these creatures as part of our 90 day program.

As a locally-owner business that has proven itself within the community, our well-established company is truly the preferred choice for resolving pest-related matters. Our spray technicians provide quality services as they are trained and licensed by the Idaho Department of Agriculture. The applicators also regularly complete classes to stay abreast on our products and services. Therefore, our spray technicians are highly qualified for any job. Give Gem State Pest Solutions a call today to resolve your pest problems immediately. Our friendly professional staff is always ready to help.