What is Pest Control and Why Do I Need It?

Most people often rely on do-it-yourself pest extermination methods. However, in cases where the infestation has spread, you need the services of a professional. Pest extermination companies have the necessary tools and expertise needed to get rid of the pests. If you have a severe pest infestation, you can contact Gem State Pest for commercial and domestic pest solutions within Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Yellow Jackets: What you Should Know

We treat Yellow Jacket infestations and also help with prevention to assure the problem does not persist in the future If you have any questions or concerns about Yellow Jackets, or would like us t help with an infestation, give us a call today!


How to Identify and Control Silverfish Infestations

The fact that Silverfish and their ancestors have survived millions of years is proof of their resilience. Learn more on Silverfish now!

Earwigs In Pocatello and Idaho Falls

Earwigs or “Pincher Bugs”, as they are often called, are some of the most misunderstood insects in the US.  These bugs have become a problem in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and much of Eastern Idaho! Read about these bugs now!

4 Steps to Prevent Cockroach Infestations

In this entry we will discuss 4 steps to help keep these pests from taking over your home.

6 Tips for Gopher Control

These pesky animals oftentimes fill yards with holes, and completely destroy expensive landscapes. They eat important plants, as well as dig through phone lines, utility lines, and water systems.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Do you live in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, or anywhere in Eastern Idaho? Click on the link to start reading about how to start preventing mosqitoes!

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