Don't Forget about Pest Control During Winter Season

You may be like many people who think that pests disappear during the winter months, especially as cold as it gets in Idaho. However, during these winters months many pest don't simply die off; instead they move into your home! Pest control is a year round process, not simply during the summer months. In fact, keeping proactive control is important in keeping the bugs from seeking refuge inside your home this winter season.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Mice With the Help Of Pest Control

Getting rid of mice or rodents can be tricky. Here are FIVE ways that can help control the pests. These proven methods will reduce the spread of bacteria and disease carried by rodents. Remember, if all else fails, calling an exterminator is a guarenteed way to solve the problem.

What is Pest Control and Why Do I Need It?

Most people often rely on do-it-yourself pest extermination methods. However, in cases where the infestation has spread, you need the services of a professional. Pest extermination companies have the necessary tools and expertise needed to get rid of the pests. If you have a severe pest infestation, you can contact Gem State Pest for commercial and domestic pest solutions within Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Pest Control For Carpenter Ants

If you have carpenter ants in your Pocatello or Idaho Falls, Idaho home or business, then you need to hire exterminators for effective pest control. To determine if you have carpenter ants in your home, business or nearby wooden structures, look for large insects with huge mandibles. This species of ant prefers damp wood that is dead rather than living trees, and if your home has any moisture damage, then you are likely to have an infestation of carpenter ants. 

Mouse Pest Control for Fall and Winter

Good tips on how to control mice during the fall and winter. Remember, mice love a warm place to sleep. We'll help you keep them out of your livable space!

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Do you live in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, or anywhere in Eastern Idaho? Click on the link to start reading about how to start preventing mosqitoes!

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