The Lowdown on House Flies

House flies can be a major pest in your home. Simply swatting these critters doesn't stop the spread of disease that they can carry. Here is everything you need to know about house flies and steps you can take to keep them out of your home.

Yellow Jackets: What you Should Know

We treat Yellow Jacket infestations and also help with prevention to assure the problem does not persist in the future If you have any questions or concerns about Yellow Jackets, or would like us t help with an infestation, give us a call today!


How to Identify and Control Silverfish Infestations

The fact that Silverfish and their ancestors have survived millions of years is proof of their resilience. Learn more on Silverfish now!

6 Tips for Gopher Control

These pesky animals oftentimes fill yards with holes, and completely destroy expensive landscapes. They eat important plants, as well as dig through phone lines, utility lines, and water systems.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Do you live in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, or anywhere in Eastern Idaho? Click on the link to start reading about how to start preventing mosqitoes!

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